About Us

The vision of the PAINTING DECORATING ASSOCIATION (PTY) LTD is to lift the level of ethics, improve the overall education and achieve international standards of excellence in the industry.

The US, UK and Australasia have for years had an industry association that sets out best practice and standards, a code of ethics and conduct, for full transparency, client protection and encourages fair trade. Taurochs (Pty) Ltd founded the Painting Decorating Association (Pty) Ltd (http://paintingdecorating.co.za) and we openly challenge all other painting contractors to join and comply to the code of ethics and conduct, best practices regarding quoting and anti-competitive behaviour, performance of work, warranties and application standards (24 international standards so far).

It costs Contractors nothing to join, but they need to provide compliance with legislation, such as registration with the BIBC, Workmen’s Compensation and should have been in the industry for at least three years or prove successful prior projects.

We also provide education and training seminars to Contractors and provide a mediation service in the event of dispute between Contractor and Client.

Our funding comes from support from suppliers, paint manufacturers, mediation, training courses and seminars.