Code of Ethics and Conduct

Each firm in membership of the Painting & Decorating Association of South Africa shall subscribe to and be bound by the terms of this Code of Ethics and Conduct which establishes standards for the conduct of, and the work undertaken by, such member firms so as to raise the status of painting and decorating contractors and to improve their trade relationships with private, commercial and industrial clients and coating manufacturers.

Obligations of the Contractor (Member Firm)

  • To carry out work in accordance with best practice and recognised standards, of the painting and decorating industry and to pay particular regard to the manufacturers’ specifications and technical datasheets.
  • A member firm shall, if so requested, make recommendations as to the materials to be used, such materials to be of good quality and to be used in accordance with the  manufacturers’ recommendations. When asked to recommend a specification, a member firm shall recommend one which shall be adequate for its purpose.
  • No member firm shall have any responsibility for an inadequate specification prepared by a professional architect, surveyor, external consultant or the client. Any apparent shortcomings which exist in a specification, need to be brought to the client and or his representatives attention in writing, and the member firm cannot accept responsibility for work which the client has requested to be carried out in direct conflict with the member firm’s professional advice.
  • A member firm shall warranty against failures due to its defective workmanship for a period of at least six months (minimum period) from the date of completion of the work. A member firm ought not to be expected, without financial compensation, to rectify matters which are not its responsibility or are not considered to be as a result of defective workmanship.
  • To submit a written proposal, estimate or quotation for work to be undertaken, such proposal, estimate or quotation shall be clear regarding the scope of work and shall highlight any non-obvious exclusions for purposes of clarity and any items that may be subject to quantification while working or price variance on invoicing. If the work is of such intricate a nature as to preclude the submission of a fair quotation or estimate; in such cases, it should be pointed out to the client that it would be to the advantage of both parties if the work were to be carried out on a day work basis.     
  • Any proposal, estimate or quotation submitted shall be fair to both parties in that it shall yield a reasonable profit and pricing shall be free of any collusion with competitors and free of any deliberate obfuscation.
  • To maintain all regulatory, insurance and licensing requirements including ensuring that the payment of all public liability insurance and any such other liability risks as may be determined necessary by the type of work undertaken and to ensure that workmen’s compensation is up-to-date and that all health, safety and environmental regulations are reasonably complied with.
  • To conduct its business so that all work shall be executed by competent workmen and apprentices, who have been inducted in terms of health and safety and are working under proper supervision.

Obligation to Our Employees

  • To follow local employment legislation, to pay fair wages in accordance with rates agreed by the Building Industry Bargaining Council and to ensure equal opportunity to all employees.
  • To provide opportunities for training, employment, career advancement and economic security in a progressive manner to all those who would apply themselves.
  • To provide a safe working environment by establishing good safety practices in compliance with legislation and administrative policies.

Obligation to the Public

  • To conduct our business operations according to the highest professional and industry standards, while being aware of noise or other pollution, as well as health and safety issues that may affect the public.
  • To erect barriers, signage or cordon off areas to the public where such measures will assist in not only safeguarding the area of work from public interference, but shall also safeguard the public.
  • To expand our knowledge through the constant study of best business practices and utilisation of the latest technical advances in our profession and industry.
  • To follow and adhere to all applicable legislation and administrative policies regarding the use and disposal of paints, coatings, and related materials.

Obligation to Our Fellow Members

  • To encourage the free exchange of ideas and best practices.
  • To meet with fellow members and promote all the precepts of this code.
  • To present a broad and favourable image of our profession at all times.
  • To promote equal treatment of all members and oppose any discriminatory practices.
  • To recommend a fellow member firm, above any non-member firm, when requested to do so, whether for a specific scope of works, or for a competitor proposal, estimate or quotation.
  • To not disseminate any misinformation or derogatory information concerning our profession, association or related entity, member or industry organisation.

Obligation to Our Organisation

  • To promote the spirit of this code and the objectives of our profession and industry through creation of and participation association chapters and forums and industry related groups.
  • To display on its premises wherever practicable, the Association symbol and to publicise the observance of this Code.  Member firms should also display the Association symbol on company letterheads, transport, and in media advertisements.  Member firms should also make this Code available for inspection when presenting a proposal, estimate or quotation.
  • To establish and maintain the highest level of reciprocal respect and goodwill with all segments of the industry.
  • To promote our association to customers, prospective members, manufacturers, the industry, and related groups.
  • The Painting and Decorating Association of South Africa, which sponsors the Code, provides a clients’ advisory service with conciliation and arbitration arrangements, available to help resolve any disputes which arise between member firms and their clients relating to the standard of workmanship. The member firm agrees to support this as an initial process to resolve disputes.

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