Why join?

Regulatory Influence

The opportunity to influence government on legislation and regulatory matters, and to meet on matters of mutual concern within the industry.

For the 2018 calendar year, the following four issues have been proposed as possible areas of high mutual concern and the PDA will be working hard to resolve these issues:-

  1. Water Crisis. Our industry sustainability is reliant on the continual use of non-potable water for high-pressure cleaning. Representation is to be made to local government (starting in the Western-Cape and Gauteng) to ensure that this is understood and that this crucial right is as key to our business as the use of water is in other industries.
  2. Building Industry Bargaining Council. The PDA welcomes the BIBC in the Western-Cape, but will set-up a task team to ensure that consistent rules with regard to registration is applied. We require clarification on Contractors who claim to use sub-contractors who don’t seem to have all of their employees registered.
  3. SAPMA. We would like to explore the viability of working closer with SAPMA as although they welcome contractors as members, there membership is mostly made up of paint manufacturers and their value add seems to be there.
  4. Construction Health and Safety. It remains a common practice that construction health and safety plans are prepared without Client Specifications. We wish to communicate with the Department of Labour regarding the exclusion of the terms maintenance in the definition of “construction work” and to what extent a full CHS File and a CHS Plan is required.